Back in October we were thrilled to introduce 18 new starters to the DDB Remedy team. Since the beginning of 2016 we have continued to grow, with 8 new faces (and one ‘returning’ face) joining the mix across all of our departments.

Here’s what they had to say about themselves:

Leighton: I love reading, art, rugby and programmes about restoring cars. I love working with great people to make Great Stuff. Which is also lovely.

Marta: I am inspired by visiting fashion shows and galleries. I love exploring new cities, discovering new music, and jogging by the river.

James: Here to make good work for good causes, I’m also passionate about all things food and film.

Lynne: Having travelled from the tropical islands of Fiji to experience the English weather, I enjoy everything that London has to offer. #NotFromTonga

Eleanor: I spend 95% of my free time sleeping. The rest is taken up with rugby, musical theatre, skiing and cycling.

Can: Fitness fanatic, fashionably sophisticated perfectionist with an eye for innovation. I live for spontaneous adventure. Bring it on, Remedy team!

Sam: Music, movies and media is me in a nutshell! My weekends consist of playing open mics and trying new things, particularly food and drink.

Alvina: I enjoy running, playing tennis and snowboarding. As I grew up in France, I also appreciate French cuisine and wine!

Jack: Medical enthusiast. I secretly enjoy watching Dinner Date, drinking tea, and any occasion where it is acceptable to wear dungarees.


If you’re interested in joining our team, don’t hesitate to contact us!