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DDB Remedy is a creative agency that focuses
on health communication.

We live and breathe what we do, working closely with our clients to understand their brands and what to say about them.

We think, play and work hard to make sure our campaigns stand out, and we care deeply about the end users of the brands too.

Our aim is to help everyone lead greater lives.

“It is insight into human nature that is the key
to the communicator’s skill.”

Bill Bernbach


We mix science and creativity to make great campaigns.

Sometimes you’ll find us making TV ads to drive people to consult their HCP, sometimes we’re writing detail aids to extol the benefits of chemotherapy, sometimes we’re educating doctors and patients alike on rare diseases, sometimes we’re creating content to help doctors encourage adherence.

And when we’re not at our desks, we might be chatting to teenagers living with HIV, learning about opioid dependency from addiction specialists, liaising with doctors on blood glucose management…the list goes on.


We keep it simple – doing Great Stuff is what drives us.

Great creative stuff that demonstrates the talent at DDB Remedy,
and celebrates the positive responses we get from
clients, HCPs and patients.

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Tel: 020 7258 3979

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Our ideal candidate is someone who isn’t afraid of science and has a creative side.

If you would love to communicate science in a creative way, or would love to add a sprinkling of science to your creative work, get in touch.

  • Anyone who wants to be part of doing something that helps improve people's lives

  • Anyone who wants to work in a talented team with great people

  • Anyone who knows and understands the value of great communication and campaigns

  • Anyone who has passion for communicating about new, potentially life changing remedies

  • Anyone who loves to work creatively and isn’t afraid to take on a 'sciency' brief – we’ve got people to help with that!

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We like to keep busy.

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Our thoughts on the latest healthcare and creative industry updates.

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Terms & Conditions

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A Comment on Gender and Inclusivity

In both national and industry press, there has been significant media attention around the requirement of organisations to publish statistics on their gender pay disparities.  DDB Remedy is not required by the legislation to report our statistics, as we employ less than 250 employees – but as an agency, we welcome this initiative and the conversation it has started.

The government has made reporting gender pay gap a requirement, as it is believed that greater pay transparency increases the likelihood that action will be taken to address the disparity.

Following the reporting deadline of the 5th of April 2018, we have seen a trend of women being under-represented in organisations’ upper quartiles. Reports show that the reasons for this under-representation are many and varied, and include factors such as parenting responsibilities, or lack of promotion opportunities.

An exception to this is that, like the wider advertising and creative industries, we experience challenges in hiring women into the traditionally male-dominated parts of our business – particularly creative and technology roles. There is generally a smaller pool of female talent in these sectors. We don’t think that this needs to remain the case. So, these are areas we are focusing on to develop and hire female talent.

We have established a Diversity and Inclusion team to focus on all equality issues, not just those of gender. We really care about this topic and know it is crucial to our future success. We are also investing more than ever in learning and development, to nurture, grow and retain the great people we have, regardless of their gender.

As an agency, we are proud that we distribute our annual discretionary bonus pool to all eligible employees, not just senior leadership positions. We consider this to be very important in our endeavours to reward all for effort and contribution. We also review all salaries annually and benchmark against industry salary surveys, to proactively ensure equality across all roles. 

Hazel, Managing Partner: “I feel very fortunate that throughout my time at DDB I have been very well supported by the organisation, and encouraged to take the next step in my career by those around me, including during my return to work following maternity leave. The ability to work in a flexible manner, and the support shown for my newfound family responsibilities allowed me to continue to work in the agency world.

Whilst the gender pay gap is a necessary discussion, to facilitate change in attitudes in the work, there is also the need to tackle some of the causes for this, and ensure that everyone in our organisation is supported to progress at all levels, from the most junior to the most senior, regardless of gender, age, race.”

Tracey, Managing Partner: “I’m really proud to work at DDB Remedy. I’m surrounded by great people who are committed to doing great stuff. And when it comes to talent, there is no gender divide. Which made it all the more gratifying to find that when we looked at pay, there wasn’t a gap.  Considering how many companies have got their work cut out to fix this, it feels good to know I’m at a place where people are judged by what they contribute – not by how many x chromosomes they have.”

What is Equal Pay?

We have noticed a bit of confusion around this.  The gender pay gap measure is not the same as equal pay. Equal pay is a legal requirement in the UK, and relates to men and women performing the same job but being paid differently; whereas the gender pay gap does not look at individual roles, but at how pay and bonuses are distributed across an entire business.